Why is Smile Design Important?

Smile design is to renew a personalized ideal smile with health and naturalness. It is to create an aesthetic smile expression that suits you. Smile design is a design that will make you look at life more energetic and positive by adjusting the appropriate tooth position.

In addition to its main functions (chewing, speaking, etc.), it also greatly affects our self-confidence in society from an aesthetic point of view. Our smile is a very important factor in our communication with people. Discoloration and deformities in the teeth are important enough to cause psychological disorders in the individual. Studies have shown that an individual who is confident in his smile is much happier and more successful in social, business and daily life than other individuals. Your smile is important with smile design. Our teeth reflect our smile and our smile reflects our energy. A beautiful smile means increasing personal self-confidence. There is a branch of dentistry that deals with this, which is called ‘aesthetic dentistry’.

The dentist who will design a smile must first get to know the patient and perceive their expectations. It should be known that the treatment planning to be applied to each individual differs. Here, many issues such as our patients’ special tastes, professional factors, social status, even their perspective on life, etc. should be examined. Then physical factors come into play. The dentist who will design an aesthetic smile should design a smile that the patient will perceive as pleasant and attractive and correct the defective appearance. The aim is to create an aesthetically acceptable and health-compatible dental array for the patient. This situation provides relaxation in the patient and is of greater importance in terms of being more motivated for life. Although the treatment method is easy; When people feel aesthetically happy, they are more successful and confident in life. The treatment is very important for patients to have a positive outlook. Aesthetic dentistry is one of the treatment methods that can be done at any time and is very easy and successful and does not require you to be afraid at all. There is nothing to worry about in this successfully applied method. It allows you to look more well-groomed and neat. It also allows you to use your teeth easily in their basic functions. It also allows you to use the basic functions of your teeth in a healthy way.


  • Correction of misshapen teeth to make them natural and aesthetic looking teeth.
  • Providing healthy teeth and gums in the color and size they should be.
  • Bringing the ratio of teeth and gums to the right point and ensuring harmony,
  • To ensure harmony in the mouth, face, lips and teeth.
  • Designing teeth and gums specific to the person’s face.


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