Zirconium Supported Porcelain

Zirconia material, which has been used in recent years with the development of aesthetic dentistry, is as durable as metal and as aesthetic as glass ceramic porcelains.

Since it is resistant to high forces and tooth-colored, it has become more preferred than metal-backed porcelains that have been used for years.

While metal is used as the substructure in classical metal-backed porcelains, white colored zirconium is used as the substructure in zirconium veneers. This provides both durability and a perfect appearance.

What are the Advantages?

Aesthetics are at the highest level. While a gray line is formed between the tooth and gum in crowns with metal substructure, it does not occur in zirconium porcelains. Zirconium-supported porcelains are lighter.

Aesthetic Porcelain or Composite Fillings (Inlay Onlay)

Today, amalgam filling materials are no longer used. Composite materials prepared with nano-technology that are completely aesthetic, resistant to chewing forces, bonded to the tooth at the highest level and have the least abrasion are preferred.
They can be used in the front and back area.

Onley and Inley

They are porcelain or composite fillings prepared in a laboratory environment for teeth with high material loss. Onlay and inlay restorations, which are longer lasting, are preferred instead of amalgam or composite fillings in teeth with large caries or canal treatment. They can be used in the anterior and posterior regions.

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