Pink Aesthetics

What is Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetics refers to an area of dentistry that focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance of the gums and other surrounding tissues. This term differs from dental aesthetic procedures such as teeth whitening or teeth reshaping because the focus is not on the teeth themselves, but on the gums and other soft tissues surrounding them.

Pink aesthetics improves the overall aesthetics of the smile by improving the shape, color and proportion of the gums. This ensures that the teeth look properly aligned and helps to achieve a balanced and harmonious appearance when you smile.

What are Pink Aesthetic Procedures?

Pink aesthetic procedures may include:

  1. Gum Contouring: Gum contouring refers to the shape and proportion of the gum around the tooth. Conditions such as excessive gums when you smile or unevenly cut gums can be an aesthetic concern. The gum contouring procedure ensures that the gums are shaped properly and aesthetically.
  2. Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy: Gingivoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the shape and size of the gum tissue. Gingivectomy is the removal of excess gum tissue. These procedures are usually performed for gum diseases, gingival hyperplasia or when the gum contour needs to be corrected.
  3. Gum Grafts: Gum grafts are used to help replace or reshape gum tissue. They can be applied to correct gum loss caused by gum recession or gum disease.
  4. Pigmentation Removal: Gum pigmentation is dark discoloration of the gums. These pigmentations can be aesthetically disturbing. Pigmentation removal helps to reduce or eliminate dark discolorations in the gums.

Pink aesthetic procedures are determined by the dentist according to the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals. These procedures can help you achieve a more aesthetic and balanced smile by improving the overall appearance of your smile.

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