Transparent Vinyl

Irregular alignment problems in our teeth are not only an aesthetic problem. Since the crowding of the teeth makes it difficult to clean these parts, it causes caries, gum diseases and joint pain, and tooth loss becomes an inevitable end. Patients usually avoid braces in the treatment of their unhealthy and irregularly aligned teeth and the treatment is postponed. In such cases, transparent aligners come into play. Transparent aligners do not use metal wires and brackets. Clear aligners do not cause any irritation in the mouth. Normal feeding and brushing can be continued during the treatment process with clear aligners. Thanks to these clear aligners, which the patient can easily insert and remove at any time, many aesthetic and position disorders can be easily solved. However, this treatment method may not be suitable for every patient.

Your dentist will examine you and examine all your x-rays to determine whether you are suitable for invisaling, also known as clear aligner treatment. Your intraoral model is then obtained. How many aligners will be used depends on the crowding of the teeth and the desired result. Each of the transparent plates provides approximately 0.5 mm movement and can be applied to patients from the age of 12. Invisaling treatment ends after approximately 1-1.5 years and retainer plates are used similar to the transparent plates worn during the treatment process. Since these aligners used throughout the entire procedure are transparent, they do not cause any aesthetic problems and it is not obvious that orthodontic treatment is being performed.

The outcome of the treatment may vary according to many factors; regular use of plaque is very important at this point. The aligners, which should be on the teeth all day, should only be removed when eating and brushing the teeth. Post-treatment clear aligners offer you a new life with teeth that you can smile freely. Therefore, adhering to the treatment process and using the aligners regularly is critical to achieving the result you are aiming for. Remember, every step will bring you one step closer to a healthier and more aesthetic smile.

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