Full Porcelain Crowns

What are Full Porcelain Crowns?

Full porcelain crowns are veneers used in dentistry for aesthetic and restorative purposes. Made of porcelain material that mimics the natural structure of the tooth, these crowns are placed on the front surfaces of the teeth and are used to achieve an aesthetic smile. Full porcelain crowns are an effective solution to fix cavities, fractures, discolorations, gaps or other cosmetic problems. In addition to being durable and long-lasting, they offer an aesthetic appearance by mimicking the natural tooth structure. Full porcelain crowns are specially designed for each patient, taking into account tooth color, size and shape. In this way, patients are provided with a natural and beautiful smile.

Advantages of Full Porcelain Crowns

Aesthetic Appearance: Full porcelain crowns are highly aesthetic because they are made of porcelain material that mimics the natural tooth structure. It removes tooth discolorations, corrects fractures and closes the gaps between the teeth, thus allowing patients to achieve an aesthetic smile.

Natural Appearance and Color Matching: Porcelain material has a very similar appearance to natural teeth. Therefore, full porcelain crowns blend in perfectly with other teeth and offer an aesthetically natural look.

Durability: Full porcelain crowns have a strong and durable structure. They maintain their durability during chewing and other daily activities and can be used for a long time.

Color Change and Stain Resistance: Porcelain material shows less color change and stain formation than other restorative materials. Thanks to this feature, crowns maintain a white and bright appearance for long periods of time.

Biocompatibility: Full porcelain crowns are designed in harmony with the gums and are biocompatible. This means that they do not cause any irritation or sensitivity around the gums.

Minimal Tooth Preparation: Full porcelain crowns usually require minimal tooth preparation. This helps to preserve healthy tooth tissue and makes the treatment process more comfortable.

Long Lasting Solution: With proper care and regular check-ups, full porcelain crowns can last for years. This ensures that patients are aesthetically and functionally satisfied for a long time.

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