Preprosthetic Surgery

What is Preprosthetic Surgery (Preparation of Palates Before Prosthesis)?

Preprosthetic surgery includes surgical procedures that are performed to correct, shape or prepare the intraoral tissues prior to the application of the prosthesis. These procedures are performed to improve the fit, stability and aesthetic results of the prosthesis. Preprosthetic surgery is usually performed by dentists or oral surgeons and can vary depending on the condition of the area to be prosthetized.

Here are some common procedures performed as part of preprosthetic surgery:

  1. Bone Grafts: If there is not enough bone tissue for prosthetic implants, bone grafts can be used to increase bone volume. This allows implants or other prostheses to be placed on a more solid foundation.

  2. Alveoloplasty: It is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the jawbone after tooth loss or edentulism. This procedure creates a bone structure suitable for prosthesis application.

  3. Cyst or Tumor Removal: Cysts or tumors in the mouth can be removed prior to prosthetic implantation. This improves treatment success by increasing denture stability and preventing potential complications.

  4. Closure of Tooth Deficiencies: Surgical procedures can be performed to replace missing teeth prior to the application of dentures. This ensures the correct placement of implants or other prostheses.

  5. Gingivectomy or Gingivoplasty: Gum correction or reshaping procedures can be performed prior to denture application to improve aesthetic results or to improve the fit of the denture.

Preprosthetic surgery procedures are usually performed to create a better base for the prosthesis. These procedures allow the denture to fit better, provide a more solid foundation and improve aesthetic results. However, a detailed evaluation by a dentist or oral surgeon should be performed to determine whether these procedures are appropriate for each patient.

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