Tooth Grinding

Teeth grinding, that is, the condition of weakening the enamel layer by rubbing one’s teeth together, causes serious problems, even though this disease, which most people do without realizing it and is seen in the mouth, seems very simple.

This situation, which occurs especially during sleep, is directly related to the effect of the harsh conditions of life on people. In addition, the incorrect alignment of the tooth structure also causes teeth grinding.

Tooth grinding must be treated. Otherwise, teeth and jaw joint are the most effective materials used for this treatment. However, only these appliances may not be sufficient for this treatment.

Depending on the extent of the disease, treatment can become more effective with stress therapy, muscle relaxant medication, renewal of fillings and coatings that need to be renewed, completion of missing teeth and recently botox procedures applied to the jaw muscles.

Problems caused by teeth grinding; habituation, sensitivity in the teeth, recession of the gums, shaking of the teeth, irritation in the cheeks and surrounding tissues, pain in the muscles and jaw joint and headache as an extension.

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