It depends on the position of the wisdom tooth in the mouth, if the wisdom tooth creates an abscess or cyst in that area by pressing the root of the neighboring tooth and jawbone, it is necessary to remove the impacted wisdom teeth.

A focus of infection develops in the semi-buried wisdom tooth and gum area as a result of the accumulation of food residues and poor cleaning. This causes bad breath, pain, and edema. In such cases, the wisdom tooth should be extracted.

If the infection has developed (pericoronitis), it is taken under control with antibiotics. After extraction, bone inflammation (alveolitis) may occur due to healing disorder (dry socket) or bleeding disorder. It heals within a few days under the doctor’s control.

After the operation, care should be taken to the wound area for a few days. The wound should not be touched or smoking.

In some cases, it may be necessary to apply ice compression to the area after the operation. This will prevent swelling in the jaw and possible infection.


It is because the teeth that are about to come out could not come out in the mouth for various reasons. Among these reasons; Genetic factors, infections in the jawbone, narrow space in the jaw and anemia.

The presence of impacted teeth carries a risk of infection. Since this will cause pathological conditions such as cysts and tumors, it must be surgically removed.

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