Tooth Extraction

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of removing a tooth from the mouth. Tooth extraction is often needed for many different reasons and is often considered by dentists as a last resort. Here are some common reasons for tooth extraction and information on how it is performed:

What are the Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

  1. Decayed or Damaged Teeth: Advanced decayed or damaged teeth may need to be extracted if they are beyond repair.

  2. Gum Diseases: Advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can lead to bone loss in the teeth, which may require extraction.

  3. Impaction of Teeth: Extraction may be necessary if the teeth are stuck (dislocated), especially if it prevents the teeth from emerging.

  4. Incompatible Teeth: Extraction may be necessary if the teeth are in an inappropriate position during eruption. For example, there may be crowding during tooth eruption.

  5. Orthodontic Treatment: As part of orthodontic treatment plans, tooth extraction may sometimes be necessary. Especially for the regular alignment of the teeth and the correction of the jaw structure.

  6. Gingival Abscess: An infection in the tooth root can cause an abscess to form in the gum. In this case, tooth extraction may be necessary to clean the abscess and control the infection.

How is Tooth Extraction Performed?

  1. Anesthesia: Tooth extraction is usually performed under local anesthesia. This minimizes pain and discomfort.

  2. Extraction of the tooth: The dentist uses special instruments to extract the tooth. By carefully separating the gum tissue and surrounding bone tissue, the dentist removes the tooth from the root.

  3. Stitching: After tooth extraction, stitches may be applied to close and heal the extraction site. These stitches usually dissolve spontaneously within a few days.

  4. Healing: After tooth extraction, your dentist will give you instructions to manage the healing process. These instructions may include applying ice to reduce swelling and pain at the extraction site, eating soft foods, and being careful about oral hygiene.

    Tooth extraction is usually uneventful and recovery is possible within a few days. However, in some cases there can be complications, so it is important to pay attention to your dentist’s instructions and recommendations.

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