With the emergence of popular concepts and the acceptance of world stars as role-models, we became individuals who started to give importance to our beauty and smile in line with social, professional and statuses. It has been one of the applications.

Your doctor, who turns the integrity of the mouth, lips and tooth structure into a design, makes a design study that supports your beauty with this application that will not take much time.

Smile design is an application that can reveal the integrity of the mouth, teeth, lips and face well.

Starting with the control of your mouth structure and teeth and a detailed examination of your x-ray by your physician, the photos taken in the computer program that we have used specifically for the design part of smile aesthetics are transformed into a pre-application design and create an idea for our patients.

Our principle in porcelain laminate, veneer, bonding tooth whitening and computer aided smile design technique is to respond to the demands and expectations of our patients at the highest level as always.

Facial anatomy, lip shape are the determinants of the smile design. In the planning phase of the design, the photographs of our patient are made by taking into account the problematic region and the correction of the situations.

You can feel yourself healthier and happier with a younger and healthier image.

As the famous British writer Charles Reade put it, “Beauty is power; smiling is her sword.”

Your smile should not be missing …

gülüş 300x300 - Smile Design

Dt. Reyhan Arıkan