• Hamile Diş Bakımı

Oral and dental health during pregnancy; It plays an important role in the development of the baby and the expectant mother to have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Tooth and gum diseases increase the probability of miscarriage seven times in pregnancy. With hormonal changes, the amount of acid in the saliva increases in expectant mothers.

Gingival diseases and bleeding may occur due to factors such as vomiting, nutritional changes, hormonal effects and stress in the first months of pregnancy. Tooth brushing should be given importance to avoid a progressive oral health problem.

During pregnancy, you should go to the dentist regularly during the whole process. If necessary, there is no harm in dental treatment and tooth extraction.

During pregnancy, foods rich in vitamin D, B12, and C should be consumed in sufficient amounts for maternal health and baby development.

It is possible to postpone the problems that arise during pregnancy but that your dentist does not mind to postpone until after the birth.

In case of tooth extraction or any intervention during pregnancy, it is important for the mother and the baby to be in contact with your obstetrician and dentist and to decide on a treatment method that they will act together.

Dt. Reyhan Arıkan