• Diş eti kanaması tedavisi

Gingival bleeding is one of the most uncomfortable issues in oral and dental health.

Gingival bleeding, which is sometimes perceived as a simple question but as an important symptom of gingivitis, constitutes problems that may cause sensitivity, pain, aching, throbbing, bad breath, bone loss and consequently tooth loss in the patients’ mouth.

Healthy gums do not bleed, swelling and redness do not occur, when you brush your teeth or use dental floss.

Gingival bleeding is a gum disease that should be cared about, if precautions are taken, a healthy mouth can be achieved, for this, gingivitis-removing treatment method should be applied.

The most important cause of gingivitis is dental tartar. The treatment plan is prepared depending on the condition of the gum disease. Treatment planning is done by cleaning the tartar, gingival curettage and removing the microorganisms in this area, surgical intervention may be required in advanced cases where this planning is not sufficient.

Dt. Reyhan Arıkan