They are artificial teeth made of titanium instead of the extracted tooth in order to regain the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the missing teeth.

When a tooth is extracted in the mouth, slips may occur on the right, left or up and down areas of the extracted area. This formation causes extremely serious problems over time. The harmony and angles of the upper and lower teeth may be impaired. As a result, there is a difference in the chewing force on the teeth.

Bone resorption in those regions of the jawbone causes the loss of healthy teeth in that area. Decays and gingivitis also increase in that area, as cleaning will make brushing difficult as a result of shifts in the location of the teeth. Considering all these, a bridge or implant should be made in place of the extracted or missing tooth.

Implants vary in width and height. The thickness, width, quality and adequacy of the bone tissue to be implanted are very important. In cases of jawbone insufficiency, a basis is created for implant treatment with bone grafting and various auxiliary techniques.

Bone graft, artificial bone powders and patient’s thrombocytes can be used for this purpose.
Platelets form a barrier in the bleeding area during the surgical operation. It accelerates the formation of new tissue in bone formation, provides vascular repair and formation. Due to these positive effects, it has been used frequently in dentistry in recent years.

Implant applications are much easier and painless than tooth extraction. With local anesthesia, only the area to be implanted is anesthetized. In a very short time like fifteen minutes, the implant is placed in the desired place. It is expected to integrate with the jawbone in a short period of two and a half months. In this period, no negative and different situation is experienced. After two and a half months, the second phase starts, the measurement is taken, and the superstructure is placed in a short time such as five or six days.

The missing tooth is filled with an artificial tooth root, which we call implant. This application is both aesthetic and superior to other treatment methods.

implant 5 300x300 - Implant

implant 1 300x300 - Implant

Dt. Reyhan Arıkan