It is a branch of science that examines problems and treatments related to oral and dental health from infancy to adolescence.

It includes deciduous tooth decay, eruption (eruption of permanent teeth) disorders, dental problems in mixed dentition period, preventive dental treatment methods for milk and permanent teeth, and early extraction of milk teeth. Children in the 0-15 age group are included in the pedodontics branch.

Fissure (indentations and protrusions on the chewing surface) of the child teeth are used as a protective cover. This protective material applied to the tooth surfaces immediately after the teeth are erupted fills the depths of the tooth and closes the bacterial attachment areas in those areas.

Instead of early extracted milk teeth, appliances called retainers are made. Because one of the most important tasks of milk teeth is to guide the permanent teeth coming from below. In this way, we will preserve the place of the milk tooth extracted.

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Dt. Reyhan Arıkan