Bad Breath

Bad breath is an important factor that negatively affects human relations in daily life. There are many types of bad breath. However, the most moist of all these causes are daily caries and gingivitis. These cause chronic bad breath.

By treating both cavities and gums, bad breath is largely eliminated.
In addition, low saliva secretion, chronic lung infection, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, digestive system disorders, upper respiratory tract problems are also conditions that cause bad breath.

Bacteria that settle in the structures with indentations and protrusions on the tongue convert proteins from saliva and food into sulfurous gas. These gases are the cause of bad breath. Likewise, the gases in the liver digestive system and upper respiratory tract systems are the gases that cause odor. There is also a breath odor, which is also caused by the smell of gases coming from the lungs.

Healthy individuals have more than three thousand gases in their breath. This kind of breath odor does not improve despite all interventions in the mouth. Because the cause of the odor is not inside the mouth.

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