Some of our patients may lose all their teeth over the years due to reasons such as malnutrition, age factor, genetic factors and bone resorption. One of the treatment options we apply in such cases is the fixed tooth method with 4 implants (All on 4).

After the detailed examination and x-ray examination of our patient, the implants placed in the All on 4 method can be fixed prosthesis on the same day.

In some patients, bone resorption in the molar tooth area may be very intense or the lower jaw nerve may not be anatomically suitable.

Fixed denture teeth application placed on 4 implants placed at certain angles on the same day in patients with no teeth in their mouth is a great convenience for patients.

It is ideal for patients who cannot use removable dental prostheses and is easy to get used to and use.

Since the treatment method is easy and the session time is not long, our patients coming from Turkey and abroad can easily perform their treatment.

In this procedure, which is easily performed under local anesthesia, if you have a serious fear, it can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia.

After the procedure, temporary dental prostheses fixed on implants can be used immediately. In the 3 month period of the fusion of the bone and implants, it is important to be fed as the doctor recommends.

dort implant 300x300 - All On Four Implant And Fixed Tooth Application

Dt. Reyhan Arıkan